Cryptids Island

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An eccentric billionaire is promising a big reward to whoever can prove the existence of cryptids – hidden creatures. The hunt is on for Bigfoot, Nessie, and other legendary beasts. But watch out: you’re not the only one in search of these monsters in this online virtual world – and your competitors will stop at nothing to find them!

Video Walkthrough

Written Walkthrough

Walk right until you see a guy with a soccer ball, talk to him and he will hand you the flyer for the million dollar reward. Go right until you get to a tree.

There should be a five dollar bill in there. Grab the Money. Go to the General Store, and click ‘Use’ on the $5.00. You will obtain a bottle of Poptropica’s Favourite Sports Drink

Go back to the street that’s all the way to the right. Take the drink to the gardener who is standing in front of all the mansions. Then he’ll say that he will take a break and walk away. You’ll obtain the Shears!

Go all the way to the other side of the island and find the girl in a hang glider. Give her a push. Now jump up to the person in a balloon seat. Cut the rope with your Shears and take the extra Nylon Rope.

Now go to Kitty’s Kites on Main Street and click ‘Use’ on the Nylon Rope. You will be given the kite surfing kite. Go back to the park and go all the way to the edge. You will surf for a while and Gretchen will come. She will throw fire balls at your kite, burning your connection to the kite, and you’ll sink.

Fortunately, the Mews Coptor comes and saves you. The last thing you see before you pass out is that Mews helicopter. Later, you’ll wake up, lying down in a room.

Mews will come tell you to meet in the foyer. First, you have to drink the water that should be by your nightstand. Then go to the foyer. The inside should have a sign that says Welcome to the Cryptids Museum. Check out all the videos. Then Mews will arrive. You’ll join the quest to find Cryptids. Go outside the mansion and go check out the private helicopter you can use

Once you’re on your helicopter, head to Loch Ness.

Loch Ness

Go right, to the Pub. Inside the pub, grab the matches and talk to the dude at the end of the room.

Play a game of darts with him. Click and hold to drag the dart back, and release to throw. Aim for the center if you can, but if you land in the outer slivers of the circle, you can still earn points.

After you win he’ll give you a Rowboat Ticket for a ride on the Li’l Ness.

Go back left, and under the bridge, there should be a guy with a yellow jeep. Talk to him, then click on his tire. Blow it out, and he’ll give you a Camera. Now go take a ride on the Li’l Ness. Take a picture of the thing that looks like Nessie.

Go back to the Mews mansion. Show him Nessie’s picture. You will find out it’s fake. Go back to Loch Ness, and talk to the liar. He will go away. Now, go back to the pub. Talk to the guys who are hanging out. You will play another game of darts, and then you will win the Submarine Ticket.

Now you get to drive a submarine. Steer it down to the lower left, and take a picture of the weird-looking Nessie.

Return to the Pub and show them the picture. They will show you a newspaper article. Oh! Looks like another fake. Sigh. Then you will have to play another darts game. The reward promised is a LIE!!! But the bartender, feeling bad for you, will give you a Penny Whistle. Go on the Lil’ Ness, and go left.

Go left again. Blow the whistle. And Nessie will appear.

Take a picture, then head over to the Mews Mansion! The Nessie case will be confirmed.


Now go back to your helicopter, and go to the Himalayas.

Once you arrive at the Himalayas, go up a bit, until you see the Sherpa guy carrying a big load on his back.

Climb the mountain with him. In this part you will have to run and click the next ring so you can get safely up without falling. The Sherpa mountain guide will go first, and you follow after him, but try to time it right because the winds are strong.

You will arrive where the monks are. Go inside the building, and talk to the monk in the far right corner. They won’t let you take Bigfoot evidence, but they’ll give you a lantern. Make sure you light it.

Then go outside, and climb a little bit up. Talk to the monk above.

You will play a quick game, which is actually very simple. Just don’t get trapped. Then he will let you pass. Go up and there will be a foot in the snow. Take a picture of it.

Go back to the Mews mansion. Sigh. It’s just a snowshoe footprint. Now you can go to New Jersey.

New Jersey

When you arrive, jump on top of the gas station. Cut the girl free using your gardening shears. Then, jump on the motorbike

You will need the “Bathroom Door Message” for instructions on where to go. Next to the motorbike is a dumpster. You can cut open the lock with bolt cutters, which you can get from Puerto Rico by riding the jeep to the farthest farm. There should be Bolt Cutters you can pick up at the very top of a rock.

When you get back to New Jersey, unlock the dumpster and pull out the bathroom door. You will need to enter the building just next to it and match it with the other door.

Your character will then copy down the completed Bathroom Door Message.

Follow these instructions, and you will finally come to a small clearing. Look around there and find the house.

In the house, go to the attic. You will hear something, and it will turn out to be a racoon. Next to the racoon, there should be a Grappling Hook. Take it. On your way down, you should see a thing. Could it be the Jersey Devil?

Go outside, and the Jersey Devil will fly away. Use your grappling hook. Climb up to the tree

Get the Egg. Now go back left. Get on your helicopter, and head to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico

Talk to the farmer. He will give you Seeds to take to his brother, and lend you his jeep. Get on the jeep and go North, to the top right hand corner star. Give the other farmer the seeds, and go left, to grab the Fur. Go back to the main farm, and go to the Mews mansion. Use the sample fur, and follow everything in the exact order to identify the DNA. You’ll find out that it’s just coyote fur.

Now use the egg, and another confirmed case! Go back to Puerto Rico, and go to the jeep. Now, herd three brown-with-white-spotted goats to the middle star.

Land there. Nothing will happen. Go find the main farm guide. He will help you. Hide next to the boulders. You will hear a thump. Go move the box. Suddenly, it will shake and open, and out pops the Chupacabra

It will growl at you, run away, and leave you in the ground with stars circling your head. Go where the Chupacabra was, and grab its Tooth. Head back to the Mews mansion, and confirmed. But You still have to find Bigfoot!

Mews will tell you that Bigfoot has been spotted in the Pacific Northwest. It has been installed in the helicopter. Go to your helicopter, and go to the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest

When you arrive, Bigfoot will be running around. Follow him for a while, and then Mews will send you a message. But Gretchen will listen in on it. She will capture Bigfoot.

Now you have to stop Gretchen. Jump on her helicopter. Let all the fuel out. Now use your gardening shears. You and Bigfoot will float down to safety!

You and Mews will talk, and being the good-hearted person you are, you just can’t take that million-dollar reward. Congratulations! You completed Cryptids Island


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